We are using innovative approaches and state-of-the-art techniques to model the neurovascular unit to understand the brain in healthy and disease forms. Our aim is to find new therapeutic approaches to be a solution to neurodegenerative diseases. Please check our projects here.

To understand this misterios organ and try to solve its problems requires great skills. Please check our diverse team here.

Open Positions 📢

We have 2 PhD Student openings:

1) PhD Student will work on a TUBITAK-1001 Project "Determination of transcytosis proteins in cerebral capillaries by computational and experimental methods to carry drugs to the brain"
Collaborators: Adebali Lab and MIDST Lab

2) PhD Student will work on a ERANET NEURON Project "BiotaBrainBarrier - Modulation of brain barrier function by microbiota-derived factors in cerebral ischemia"
Collaborators: Corinne Bennakis (LMU) and Lorenz Hirt (CHUV)

How to apply: Candidates have to get acceptance from one of the graduate programs at Sabanci University. Graduate programs application deadline is December 2nd, 2022. Please follow the link here.

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